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kobe bryant  kobe zoom  Kobe Bryant  Signature Shoes: The Zoom Kobe I  kobe zoom shoes

  Finally, Kobe Bryant officially got his own Nike signature shoes. The shoes are called "Zoom Kobe I" and are available now, along with Kobe's signature clothing line also under Nike. Although everybody knew that the Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 and 2K5 were shoes made specially for Kobe Bryant, Nike refused to say whether they were signature shoes, so the new Nike Zoom Kobe is officially his first Nike signature shoes for Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant New Signature Shoes: The Zoom Kobe II (or ZKII)kobe bryant shoes new

This is not just another basketball shoe, it is a powerful line called  "Weapons of War" and composed of 3 basketball shoes: the Zoom Kobe Sheath, Strength, and Lite.

Kobe worked closely with the design team at Nike to ensure that his Zoom Kobe II, a product that took 18 months of design and development work, to create: the best possible signature shoe that could also provide speed, strength, increased flexibility, traction, and support.

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